How to Draw Sailormoon
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How to Draw Sailormoon

Sailor Moon is the main character of a popular manga series. Get to know the various aspects of her personality as you view and draw illustrations of her.

Sailor Moon is the main character of a popular manga series bearing the same name. It was first issued in 1991 and was made by Naoko Takeuchi. Ever since it first appeared, this manga got plenty of reissues, got spun off to various storylines, got translated to English and afterwards became an anime. If you would like to learn to draw Sailor Moon, it’s best that you analyze several pictures of her. Get to know the various aspects of her personality as you view other illustrations of her.


There are a couple of stuffs that you would need before you are able to start drawing. First, you have to have some Sailor Moon manga issues. Get one from Anime bookshops or even your local bookstore’s kids sections. Get a few pencils. Also, it will be better if you have inking pens. Best, if you have other colors. Lastly, you must have paper.

Get Acquainted: Meet Sailor Moon

If you are not a fan, the very first thing you must do is become familiar with Sailor Moon. Go and browse through various issues of the manga. Do this so that you'll be able to have an idea of what your subject character appears like even before you get to draw her. If you can not get a hard copy of an issue or book, try browsing the Internet. For sure you can find something online. After browsing, try to pick just a single scene that you want to center on and draw.

Start Drawing

Draw a girl that has a face with a somewhat heart-shape. She should also have big and round blue eyes. It is really normal for you to encounter the heart motif all-over the manga. This is because she's described to be someone who has a really kind heart.

Her eyes must be big and inviting. Tightly observe the manga and you will see that her eyes have a reflective fashion. You could achieve this effect by putting lots of white spots in her eyes. Still, there are proper positions for these spots and they also depend upon the direction that your character is looking. So, go back to your picture and remark properly.

Drawing The Hair

Once you have solved the way you want her eyes to look, you can now add up her hair. Sailor Moon’s hair is her trademark. This also applies with the other characters in the manga. Hence, drawing her with another haircut or hairstyle wouldn't make her Sailor Moon any longer.

If you'll observe carefully, you will see that her entire head is heart shaped, including her hair. Sailor Moon has a really long hair that is always kept in pigtails. So, add some long hair and a big puff of bangs that patterns a heart on your character’s forehead. Also, put 2 little puffs, one on the right and one on the left side of her head.

These will look a bit like animal ears. Even so, they are not. Those two puffs are really her hair accessories. The hairdo she is donning is called "odango" hairstyle, which is based on the Japanese word meaning rice dumplings. Her pigtails should shoot out from the two puffs. Color her hair yellow when it’s already time to put color in your drawing.

The Body And Clothes

Sailor Moons’ body is rather slender. Her clothes are likewise another trademark. She puts on a uniform, which is essentially a sailor dress that's colored white. The short skirt is also white, but has a few blue accents. She has a big red bow with a heart shaped pendant on the middle of her chest. Her legs are really slender and long with red boots.


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I remember Sailor Moon! Awesome


Sailor Moon! I used to love that show. I remember trying to draw her a few times, too...but it never worked out very well for me. Haha.