Mural Painting Tips
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Mural Painting Tips

how to paint a mural mural painting wall art

If you are about to attempt your first mural painting then the following tips will be invaluable to you. For any mural painting method you need to follow a few basic mural painting rules.

*Always step back regularly to have a look at how your work is progressing.

*Make sure you have painted the mural onto the wall straight, if you are unsure you can use a spirit level.

*Make sure no furniture will be placed against the wall and hide or damage the mural.

*Always put paint onto your paintbrush only half way up the bristles never dipping the brush completely into the paint, as this helps prevent dripping.

*Always have a damp cloth nearby to quickly clean up spills and drips.

*Cover the floor against the wall where you are painting the mural and put something under your paints.

*Have some of the original wall color on hand to correct mistakes.

*Whatever method you are using to paint your mural map out your mural on the wall so that you don't end up doing a beautiful painting and then finding you have no room left to complete the painting.

*I have found that the best paint for painting a mural on walls inside and outside is acrylic paint. Ask at your nearest home store for the normal kind of house paint that is used for painting houses this is the better paint for mural painting due to the price as compared to artist's paints and the durability. This will be a water based paint.

*Use water based paint so that you can wash your brushes easily; clean up spillage easily; correct mistakes in your art work easily and clean the paint off of yourself easily.

*Only use oil paint if your painting is in a bathroom or a place in the house where it will be constantly exposed to steam or water or if you are painting outside and the mural will be exposed to heavy sun light or bad weather. You can use commercial oil paint which is normally used for painting fences and large areas. Otherwise both indoors and out commercial acrylic paint is best. As for artists paints use these only if the mural will be in doors and not large. Artists professional paints are simply too expensive and they don't come in quantities suitable for large murals.

*Have a bottle of water (or turpentine if you are painting in oil) on hand for cleaning up spills and mistakes.

*Get the person you are painting the mural for to clearly understand every aspect of what you are about to paint so that there are no misunderstandings afterwards.

*Not only in children's rooms but in any room in the house make sure that the paints are lead free and leave the windows and doors open as long as you can after and during your mural painting.

*You will find that black and white are your most useful colors. White adds light to a painting as well as shape. Notice in Disney cartoon pictures how a lick of white paint makes a character round and cuddly. Black is used for outlining cartoon characters and giving accent to paintings.

*If you don't know which colors to buy go for black, white, red, blue and yellow. From these colors you can mix all of the other colors.

*If you don't want to get paint all over your hands wear latex gloves.

 You can see here how a mural can be used in a shared kid's bedroom. And here you can read about the most commonmural painting methods.

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