How to Draw a Realistic Rose of Photoshop
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How to Draw a Realistic Rose of Photoshop

Hot to draw a realistic Rose of Photoshop

Drawing flowers in general is particularly easy on Photoshop. In no time you would be amazed with the out come

1- You will need a 800x900 layer. (the size depends on how much detailes you want in your flower)

2- Draw the outline of the flower. If you don’t know how then just Google ‘rose’ and find any rose picture just to take the outline form it. A bigger rose always looks better as its has much more layers and depth in it.

3- Choosing the colors is extremely important. To make it simple I like to work with just two colors. #270506 for the darker color and #c41126 for the lighter one. Of course you will have to change the colors of you want to paint another type of flower e.g. pink ones. Now, for the red rose it’s very important to get the position of the colors the right way. The darker color is always placed at the base of the petal and the lighter color goes for the edges of the petal as shown on the screenshot.

4- Use the Smudge tool in Photoshop to mix the two colors together as shown. Remover this step will determine how your flower will look like (I like to make some petals of my rose round and some with fairly pointed edges just to give it some realism)

5- Keep useing the smudge tool until you’re satisfied with how the Rose looks like. I like to paint and focus on each petal alone so nothing would get mixed up. Finally, just add some black color between the petals to give more depth and realism. A black background is always nice with red roses as it match perfectly with the red color and gives it some glow. After your done and you’re still not satisfied with the colors you could used Brightness and contrast tool to play a little with the whole image colors. The whole thing would probably take form 5-10 min depending on the size and the number of the roses you’re intending to use in your painting.

You can draw your rose with any angle. You only need to get the first outline right and you can use any real rose photo as a reference for that. This method of painting is easy and effective. You can always apply the same techniques on other kind of plants.

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Comments (10)

Great share...

I have known photoshop sometimes, but rarely practice it, thanks.

Nice work

Yes, nice

That's beautiful and really effective too!

How beautiful! And you took the time to post easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Thanks much and voted up

I've never tried doing this with Photoshop.

gorgeous image, you make it sounds so easy! If i can actually draw a rose, I will definitely give this a go :D

Pretty cool!

Very beautiful article. Voted up