Andrew and Angel Saur the Art in Coffee
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Andrew and Angel Saur the Art in Coffee

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Coffee berries contain coffee beans which are roasted and brewed to produce a stimulant drink which is called coffee. Coffee started as early as the 19th century in Ethiopia but then spread to Egypt and Yemen then to the other parts of the world. Presently, coffee is the most popular drink around the world.

Roasting coffee beans can take several times on different temperatures. The flavor of the coffee depends on the roasting process of the coffee beans. The longer it was roasted, the strongest the flavor will be.

Coffee is not only used as a drink, it can also be used as a medium to create a beautiful art. Andrew and Angel Saur are painters and they have been painting for several years now. They both wanted to create a design that is unique but yet creative.

At that time, they were planning on putting up an art show in one of the coffee shops in Duluth. They have decided that the will use the coffee as their inspiration for that exhibit.

Andrew and Angel have tired a lot of techniques with coffee so they can use it in their paintings. They have tried the coffee beans for making sketch and coffee grounds as pastel, but they have failed. They tried using the coffee as a watercolor. Watercolors are very useful to an artist in his paintings. With coffee as a watercolor, they were able to start with painting for their exhibit.

The color of the coffee is brown and for them to be able to get the color that they wanted, they have to brew a very strong coffee. The stronger the coffee brews, the darker and thicker the drink will be. And they only add water to get the right color that they need.

Here are the coffee arts by the Saur's which are painted with only the use of the coffee.


Sunshine Plata also have discovered the use of coffee in art when she saw the signature of the artist in the 19th century artifact. The signature in coffee did not fade and thought, “Why not.” Instead of brewing a coffee, she uses the instant coffee instead. She adds water to the coffee powder to get the color she desired.


Her painting was featured on Ripley's and in the Martha Stewart Show. She also teaches preschoolers painting with the use of coffee. Her works are exhibited both locally and internationally. Sunshine Plata was able to create something beautiful and from a very cheap medium. She said that, "If your intentions are good and noble, you should never let whatever circumstance you have in life to hinder you from expressing you creative self in whatever form. If people without limbs can use their feet or their mouth to paint how much more ourselves who are not put in that kind of a dilemma? All we need is that passion, perseverance and that spark of creativity flowing in our veins in order to be another creator of beauty and pure honesty."

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